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Unpaid Invoices, Collection and Client Retention - Illinois Business Law

July 2, 2019

If you run a small business, it is inevitable that you will eventually run into a client or customer who owes you money. Often, this is one of the most dreaded duties of any business owner. Past due invoices and past due payments are going to vary from situation to situation and from client to client. However, the same predicament always arises when you must chase a payment, how do you go about collecting money without damaging the relationships of current customers.

Here are some professional ways to address late payments with your client:

  • Write a friendly reminder via email addressing the date of the outstanding invoice and make sure to have some kind words personal to the client to let them know you are following up but that you are not angry or upset, but have a resolution in mind.

  • Use an invoicing application that automatically sends out reminders to clients who have not paid, that way the reminds are coming from a billing system and not directly from the point of contact.

  • Extend a one-time courtesy to them to encourage them to pay, such as a waiver of late fees if paid by a date certain.

Keep in mind that these types of discussions are a necessary evil that must be dealt with by any successful business. In the event, a late payment becomes severely delinquent, contact The Law Office of Douglas R. Johnson, P.C. to assist you in the collection of your debt.