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Flat Rate Fees

We try our best to make sure that are services make finanical sense for our clients. We take many cases on traditionally hourly and contingency fees. However, many of our clients like the cost certainty we provide by charging a specific rate for certain work. Here are our flat rate fees:




Base Flat Fee for Litigation involving Money Judgment or Contract Claims

Reviewing Client documents and backup for claim amounts, preparation of draft complaint, preparation of exhibits and confirming redactions, running SCRA search and Pacer searches on all interested individuals/parties, uploading draft complaint documents on Client Portal, filing of a complaint, uploading filed documents on Client Portal, monitoring service of the complaint, appearance at up to two court dates (roughly 8-10 hours of work)

$2,750 (includes court costs of the filing fee and service of process roughly $500-$600 depending on the number of defendants)

Base Flat Fee for Stage 2 Litigation involving Money Judgment or Contract Claims

If the defendant appears or appears through counsel, stage two will be billed which includes answering and issuing discovery, responding to motions to dismiss, preparation of summary judgment and accompanying affidavits, answering any affirmative defenses, negotiating settlement (if applicable) as well as up to three additional court appearance


Base Flat Fee for Citation to Discover Assets (includes court costs of filing citation $80 + service by certified mail on first attempt $7.00; service by sheriff/process server of rule to show cause $60-$80)

Filing citation to discover assets or third-party citation to a banking institution or other third-party indebted to the judgment debtor and includes the court costs outlined in item detail and up to two court appearances (roughly 3-4 hours of work).

$1,000 (court costs included)

Domesticating a Judgment in Illinois (includes roughly $450-$550 court costs)

Review of a file, request of certified judgment from a sister state, preparation of all affidavits, notices and filings to domesticate a judgment in Illinois, filing and obtaining judgment order confirming judgment in Illinois (roughly 3-4 hours of work).

$1,400 (court costs included)

Recording a judgment to create judgment lien against Illinois property or recording judgment to create judgment lien (includes court costs of $100)

Preparation of memorandum of judgment, preparing a motion for memorandum of judgment, appearing in court and recording judgment with the appropriate recorder of deeds to create judgment lien in Illinois. If recording against property owned by the judgment debtor, confirming property index number to a perfect lien against real property. (roughly 2 hours of attorney time)/


Contract review and edits

Conference with client concerns and specifics of the individual contract, up to 2 hours of attorney time and proposed edits. If a contract is complex and requires more time for a proper review, the flat fee may increase on a case-by-case basis and we will advise the client and reach an agreement for a flat fee if we believe it exceeds the current flat fee rate.


Flat fee for Revival of Judgments

Running SCRA and Pacer searches prior to preparation of any judgment revival, confirming with Client amounts remaining due on judgment, preparing a motion to revive judgment and scheduling motion with the court in the county where the judgment was entered, sending a notice to defendants; uploading filed petition to revive judgment and revived judgment order on Client Portal (roughly 3-4 hours of work)


Base Flat Fee for Wage Garnishment (court costs of roughly $150)

Reviewing Client documents including judgment and employer information for garnishment, preparing the wage garnishment summons and citation, service on the employer and attending up to two court hearings and service of garnishment order on an employee after the court enters wage garnishment order (roughly 4 hours of work)


Base Flat Fee for Motion for Turnover

This post-judgment remedy takes place following an individual citation to discover assets. In the event the judgment debtor has assets we want to have turned over in partial or full satisfaction of the judgment, we will petition the court for a turnover which includes drafting the pleading, filing and scheduling the motion, service on the judgment debtor re: same; and up to two court appearances. The costs of filing and service via certified mail is roughly $15 and are included in the flat fee.


Base Flat Fee for issuing and serving Subpoena for documents associated with judgment debtor (roughly $35 of court costs)

In the event you want information on assets of the judgment debtor that they are unwilling to turn over voluntarily via a citation to discover assets, we can issue a subpoena for documents to a party that we believe has information or assets belonging to the judgment debtor. This includes preparation of the subpoena, preparation of the notice of subpoena, filing of the subpoena; service via first class mail or certified mail on subpoena respondent and judgment debtor; and review of documents produced responsive to the citation.