"To me, a lawyer is basically the person that knows the rules of the country. We're all throwing the dice, playing the game, moving our pieces around the board, but if there is a problem the lawyer is the only person who has read the rules at the top of the box."

- Jerry Seinfeld

Who We Are

Perhaps you have come to a spot in the game, when you need the services of an attorney. If so, we can help. The Law Office of Douglas R. Johnson, P.C. is a law firm that has been solving legal problems for individuals and businesses online since 1997. Yep, we were early adapters to technology. By embracing it, we have redefined the law firm experience. No more paying for parking and sitting in an ornate waiting room waiting for your attorney. We cut all that expense and pass the savings on to you without compromising customer service.

The Founder

The firm was founded by Douglas R. Johnson. Doug is a trial lawyer with experience in commercial litigation, criminal law, personal injury, collections, bankruptcy, and estate planning. While skilled in the courtroom, Doug seeks creative ways to resolve his client's legal needs. Doug works with lawyers and judges to create positive results for his clients without increasing the costs of litigation. "I am proud to say that many clients have been referred to me by lawyers whom I once opposed. I think they appreciated the manner in which I represented my client's interest and wanted someone to represent their friends and clients the same way."

Doug does not like to boast, but you should know that he has some academic chops. He graduated Maine South High School in Park Ridge, Illinois as quote-unquote "Most Likely to Succeed." He earned a B.S. in Economics from the University of Illinois at Champaign, College of Commerce and Business Administration with the highest academic award granted by the school. After a stint at Oxford University in Oxford England, Doug received his Juris Doctor from Northwestern University where he was a member of the Dean's List.

More importantly, Doug's academics are matched by his experience. He has worked in a small firm, a large firm, and a corporate legal department. After several years of late nights practicing complex, commercial litigation in coveted position at a silk-stocking firm, Doug went "out on his own" in 1996. "I wanted practicing law to be more personal, and I wanted to earn a reputation on my own, one client at a time."

Since that time, Doug has represented clients ranging from individuals to large corporations in a variety of matters. In doing so, Doug managed thousands of cases and won over $10,000,000 in judgments. He also developed a large network of competent attorneys. "Although I used to try and do everything, I found myself referring cases to attorneys who had more experience in a given area."

Doug developed IllinoisAttorney.com to help people find an experienced lawyer whom they could trust. "If we are not the best lawyer for you, we will help find one for you."