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Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Tired of Dealing With Landlord-Tenant Disputes in Chicago, IL?

A Landlord-Tenant Attorney Can Help You Resolve Them

Maybe you've had enough of a tenant who's violating the rules of their lease. Maybe your landlord won't fix anything in your apartment. Or maybe you just need someone to review the terms of your lease with you.

No matter why you're searching for a landlord-tenant attorney in Chicago, IL, you can count on the Law Office of Douglas R. Johnson, P.C. to provide one. Reach out to our law firm today to find out how a landlord-tenant attorney can help you with your situation.

Unsure of How to Resolve Your Dispute?

Don't Let a Landlord-Tenant Dispute Take Over Your Life

You shouldn't have to deal with landlord-tenant disputes every month. To keep them from causing you any further stress, turn to the Law Office of Douglas R. Johnson, P.C. We can resolve a wide range of landlord-tenant disputes, including situations where:

  • A tenant won't pay their rent

  • A tenant broke the rules of their lease

  • A landlord issued a wrongful eviction

  • A landlord won't return your security deposit

  • A landlord violated fair housing and nondiscrimination laws

Hire a reputable landlord-tenant attorney in Chicago, IL today to take care of your legal disputes. You can schedule a consultation at your convenience.