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Employment Law

Every employee has a "contract" for employment with their employer, even if it is only an unwritten understanding that the employee will provide services for the employer and the employer will compensate the employee for those services. At times, the parties' agreement about the conditions and terms of their employment will be reduced to writing, whether it is an employee manual or in a more formal written and signed contract. Either way, the Law Office of Douglas R. Johnson, P.C. can help you analyze your employment contract, and what rights and liabilities may arise under the agreement with your employer.

Understand Your Rights

Often times, we may help you negotiate a written agreement with your employer to assist you in making sure that the contract you have with them protects you as well as clarifies the parties' intentions.

Employment agreements are complicated documents and there are often many terms to consider, like how you will be compensated, what the expectations are of you as an employee, termination grounds, severance benefits, and such things as non-competition (known as non-compete clauses) or non-solicitation obligations will be included. In addition, we can help you navigate any current employment agreement you may have to determine if your employer has violated any of your rights.

Whether you want to understand your existing employment agreement or negotiate a new contract, amend, or enforce an agreement, the Law Office of Douglas R. Johnson, P.C. has the experience to make sure you are protected. Contact us today to arrange a consultation.